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My Top Five Inspirational Ladies

Hey, ladies!

Many of you already committed to being the best version of yourselves for 2015! If not, it’s never too late 😉 Also, I decided to share about my top 5 inspirational female fitness models in the industry. I thought it would keep you pumped up for 2015.

These fitness models stand up for beauty and health. But they also worked hard to achieve their best bod. All of them have experienced challenges in their fitness journey. In other words, nothing came overnight. Because of persistence, faith, and commitment, they have been successful in branding themselves to the top!

They come from all over the world. They all have a passion for fitness but above all the desire to inspire thousands and thousands of women to live fit and healthy.


Jennifer Nicole Lee is an American fitness model, keynote speaker, and best-selling author. She is well-known for losing 70 pounds and launching a career as a fitness guru after giving birth to his two kids. Today she‘s on top of a worldwide empire JNL Worldwide. More than a fitness model, she is a smart business woman and built a powerful brand!

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Ingrid Romero is a successful fitness model from Spain well-known for her booty-edge workout and the creator of Team Edge bikini competitions. She is an IFBB pro and a successful entrepreneur!


Laura Michelle Prestin is a previous athlete and always had a passion for sports. Now, she is a personal trainer and successful fitness icon! She started blogging about her passion for fitness, and the rest is history. She’s part of the WFBB.


Paige Hathaway is a successful super fitness icon. Her career in the fitness industry was quite unexpected, and it’s only in 2011 that she discovered her passion for fitness. She takes pride in inspiring people achieving their fitness and self-improvement goals.


Michelle Lewin is a popular fitness model from Venezuela. Previous Playboy fitness model, she also started her modeling career after winning an NPC competition. She has been featured on 20 magazine covers.

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Running Safely With Bright Clothes

Getting into a steady running routine can be a challenge in and of itself, and as the days grow shorter, more and more times, you’ll find that you’ll need to run in the dark. Wearing a running vest is one of the best ways to make sure that you stay safe on your run.

Whether you’re gonna be training for soccer, basketball or boxing, you’ll want to keep yourself safe during your exercise. You don’t want to get run over while you are working up a sweat! Wearing visible training attire is essential when running outside in the dark, and with long work-hours, many people don’t have the time to workout in the daylight.

But they’re not always comfortable, and different styles of running vests are better for different situations. If you’ve thought about getting a vest for running, here are some tips to help you pick out the best one for your runs.

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Running clothes are all about visibility and being able to be seen. One of the best ways to grab a motorist’s attention is to have a dozen bright flashing lights on your vest. Buying a flashing LED vest is an excellent way to be visible, especially during the early morning hours. The LED’s have two different modes that allow you to be seen up to a mile away.

The first mode is a constant on-mode that provides a steady glow which is also useful for lighting the way. The second mode is a strobe effect that can flash up to 150 times per minute to draw attention to you and is useful during dusk hours when a simple light might not be enough.

Other types of running vests rely on high visibility reflective materials to draw attention to passing vehicles. One of the biggest advantages that these types of vests have over the LED running vests are the fact that there are no batteries or wires. Having a small battery pack is extra weight, and even though it’s just a few ounces, it can be annoying and distracting while you are trying to run. And over time, the wires and battery housing can corrode due to rain and snow.